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The constitutes an exhibition centre, exhibition space, in the internet that assembles satisfactory number of representative enterprises that function according to the convention Franchise.
Everyone has the possibility to find information for the enterprises that develop according to the Franchise system, and to learn details for their background. What is important, is that it isn't necessary for the visitor to search the hole web finding data for each enterprise, and all that because of the that assembles all these companies and their information in one website giving at the same time general information for the future members of any franchise network.
Complete data for each company are presented with pictures and concrete information in their corporate web pages.
The advantage of the FranchiseCore is the direct access in this information as well as the possibility of receiving any information about "Franchise" on legal advices about questions of convention Franchise.


17/02/2006 - 20/02/2006 Greece
8th International Franchise Exhibition KEM 2006 Athens

25/02/2006 - 28/02/2006 Palm Springs
IFA 46th Annual Convention (BNF) USA
07/03/2006 - 09/03/2006 Dubai
Franchising Middle East (FME'06) United Arab Emirates

08/03/2006 - 10/03/2006 Mexico
MFV Mexico Fair Mexico City
17/03/2006 - 19/03/2006 Australia
Franchising & Business Opportunities Sydney

17/03/2006 - 20/06/2006 France
Paris Expo 2006 Paris

22/03/2006 - 23/03/2006 Belgium
Partnership & Franchising 2006 Brussels

24/03/2006 - 25/03/2006 UK
British & International Franchise Exhibition London

26/03/2006 - 02/04/2006 Seoul
Franchise Seoul Spring Atlantic Hall

20/04/2006 - 23/04/2006 China
China Franchise Expo Beijing

20/04/2006 - 28/04/2006 Australia
The Business Opportunities Expo Melbourne

03/05/2006 - 05/05/2006 Jakarta
International Franchise & Business Concept Expo & Conference Balai, Sidang


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Migato Mod's Hair ExChange Independent Financial Consultancy
Υπό Κατασκευή - Lateau Telis Kikeris ΑΧΟΝ Α.Ε.


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Soon wll be presented in our Portal companies which are from Germany, France, Italy, Spain etc and they are looking forward to expending their network and having their Master Franchisee in Greece,
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